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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

She sits in a chair! She stands!

Baby has been busy this month!!  All of a sudden, she has learned a bunch of new tricks!  One day, I walked in to find her standing in her crib, and from that day on she pulled up on everything.  A few days ago, she started cruising....trying SO hard to move her little self along the couch.  This morning, she let go of the couch and actually stood by herself for a minute before she realized she wasn't holding on.  As soon as she figured that out, she plopped down and cried her eyes out.  Apparently, learning new tricks is very stressful.  What's stressful for her mommy is making sure there aren't any tiny items laying around waiting to get stuffed into a baby mouth.  Sometimes I let her roam around (while I follow) but for the most part we are keeping the baby cage up.  It's just easier on everyone (twins included) if she is in a contained area.  This month marked another first: sitting in the high chair to eat!  I was putting her in the bumbo on the floor to feed her, but she is WAY too strong for that now!  As soon as you get her situated in that thing, she twists and turns to the side and pops herself right out of it.  The twins NEVER could do this, so I am thinking I have an acrobat or contortionist on my hands.  Now, it's safer (and cleaner) for her to eat in the high chair.  She's loving her baby box in the morning, one box in the afternoon, and two boxes at night.  She is sort of trying to pick up little pieces of food we give her, but for the most part, she just wants to be fed with a spoon.  Last week I gave her a cracker for the first time, which scared the life out of me....I kept thinking she was going to get a huge piece broken off and I would have to Heimlich my baby in EZ's....but no such drama ensued.  She just gummed all over it happily...getting it all over herself and the floor.
She seems SO big this month....her two little tiny bottom teeth have come in.  She says "Mama" and "Dada' and actually looks at us when she says it.  She fake coughs every time she hears one of us cough.  She dances and dances when you sing to her.   The doctor said she was in the 50%th percentile in weight at her last visit, but her chunky little legs make her look bigger than that!  She can still wear all her 9 month clothes, but I am buying 12 month stuff (and even some 18) from now on.  I remember this age with the I felt like they weren't really doing anything for a long time, and then all of a sudden (around ten months) they became totally different people!  Livi is the same way.....up until this month, she was pretty happy sitting in one spot for awhile, but those days are GONE.  I have a feeling this gate is going to be up in our house for a long time!