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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Quarantine is Over!

After three LOOONNNGGG days of suffering with fever, I am relieved to announce Bub is fever free as of tonight.  I'm not sure who suffered more in this, Sissy (who couldn't stand all the attention he was getting), Liv (who almost had to learn how to change her own diaper) or the sick kid himself.  He was so pitiful....wanted to be held, and laid all day on the pallet I made for him on the couch.  This is VERY unlike him....I normally see him whiz by the doorway about three times during the day and then at mealtimes.  He is only super needy when he is sick.  I knew he was getting to feeling better around lunchtime, when he bit Sissy in the back.  Illness or no illness, he had to go to time out, but personally I think he'd had enough of her pestering.  It was like poking a mean dog through a cage.  You get what you get.  This little illness trapped us at home, so we attempted a little potty training.  I am starting with Sis, instead of beating my forehead against a proverbial wall and attempting two two year olds at once.  She did allright, but might have constipated herself with her fear of doing THAT on the potty.  The highlight of my day was watching my two girls play on the floor together.  Baby can sit up now, and loves having her little toys spread out on the floor to play with.  It made me happy to see Sissy interacting with her in a way that didn't involve smacking her upside the head.  Sis laughed and laughed as she put a bunch of items on the baby's head, and baby obliged.  She showed her the little fake bottle that came with one of her baby dolls, and we both laughed when Liv tried to suck on it.  There may have even been some snuggling going on with these two.  They might end up loving each other after all!
How juicy is this baby?  Just looking at this picture makes me want to squeeze those cheeks!  I love the little look on her face, like she is thinking, "Hmph. What are you going to do about it??"


Alison said...

Baby Livi is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!! I was cracking up at the mean dog image :-)