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Friday, March 12, 2010

Big, BIG day!

Yesterday was just about as eventful as they come.  My brother and Holly came home from Albuquerque.  I decided to redecorate my living room, and started researching THAT.  My best friend found out the gender of the baby she is expecting, Livi crawled two "steps", and Sissy........(drumroll please).........pooped on the pot!  The last few days she has been wearing no diaper.....but not going on the potty.  Clearly she is all bladder, and just holds everything until naptime or bedtime when she can let it go in her pull up.  I am telling myself that this is a step in the right direction, because AT LEAST she doesn't want to go in her underwear. The last time she pooped in her diaper, she told me Dixie (our dog) did it.....(that poor animal gets everything blamed on her!)
Sissy had an accident (pee pee) at the playground earlier in the week, and she did NOT like how that felt, which is good for us all!  She was cracking us up, because she made Mimi come over and SEE where she peed.  Telling her wasn't good enough.  Anyway, yesterday Sis came to find me to let me know she needed to go on the potty.  (yeah!!)  We went and sat down, and the tears started.  I'm not exactly sure why sitting on the potty makes her cry, but it does.  It took a few times of sitting there before she actually went.  She did NOT want to do it, but Mommy might have "strongly encouraged" her to stay seated.  Finally, success!! She was so proud and had to tell everyone...she is wearing them again today, so keep your fingers crossed that I am halfway on my way to potty training these two!
(How TINY is she in that picture???  She was barely walking that day, and loved her little tutu.  I can't believe that tiny thing is potty training, and telling me what to do all day.)