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Friday, February 19, 2010

Baby's been busy....

Yesterday Kelly came over for lunch....we were just hanging out at home having a "do nothing" day....when she got up to leave and tell us goodbye, the tiny one waved her little arm in the air like it was nothing.  We kept telling her "BYE BYE" and she kept raising that little arm in the air again and again.  I, of course, was captivated and awed by her brilliance, and tried to get her to recreate this little trickaroo for Mimi and Pope later that night.  Nothing.  She just stared at us like we were crazy.  After about forty billion attempts to make her wave, I think I saw her fingers wiggle a little bit.  Then finally, success!! She gave in and graced us with a few adorable "bye bye" waves...
In other big news, she also had her first real solid food yesterday....while I cooked she sat in the Bumbo and ate sweet potato puffs.  They were a big hit!  She only did the over dramatic fake gag once, so it went well!  Our pedi said not to be scared by the gag doesn't mean they are choking, just getting used to eating more solid foods.  Of course, when Sissy woke up and saw the puffs on the counter, she had to have some, too.  I wanted to save them for people who didn't have teeth, but what can you do?  I'm always harping on the kid about sharing...I didn't think that being a sweet potato puff-holder was going to hammer that lesson home.
Liv's also sitting up by herself more and more.  I always sit with her when she is practicing, because she still does the forward stage dive when she's had enough.  She might be deterred in the self sitting department if she went down face first on the itchy rug!
I can't believe how big she seems seems like one day they are a cute little thing that can just eat and poop and then you blink and they are suddenly looking at you like they understand everything you are saying and are about to go away to college.