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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Babies no more....

Today marked a momentous occasion...I signed the twins up for preschool.  Granted, it is only going to be Tuesdays and Thursdays next year, and only from 9 a.m. to noon, but it feels a little too much like "letting go" for me....I am WAY behind the curve on this one.....most of my friends that stay home with their kiddos have already had them in some sort of mothers day out program for quite a while.  It's not that I have any problem with it (besides realizing they are getting older) but the cost of putting two babies in mother's day out was sort of a deterrent.  What fun was having a morning "off" a week if I was too broke to enjoy it?  Then Livi came along and there was all the excitement surrounding that...I wasn't going to pack up a tiny baby to take them and pick them up from school right after she was born.....So now we are finally signing up.  For several reasons.
It's not like they don't have socialization....twins might actually get the lions share of this lesson.  There is NO WAY a singleton has to put this skill into practice as much as my two do on a daily basis.  They have to play, share, consider someone else way more than someone who plays alone.....but I didn't want them to become weird twins who would ONLY play with each other either.  I want them to learn how to take turns, obey another adult besides our family members, have chances to meet other kids, do fun activities.....and partially, realize that their is a world outside their little safe world at home.  It has to happen eventually after all.  I was lucky to get spots number 10 and 11 in a 12 kiddo class this morning.  After registering them, I asked the director if I could take a peek at what will be their room.  Partially, to analyze the environment with my "teacher eye", but also so that I could report back all the fun things in the room (and hopefully build some excitement in the process).  On the walls were the same sorts of things I used in my kindergarten rooms.....there were similar play areas and centers, and a little rug area to do a daily calendar.  For some reason I had a tiny little urge to cry.  It felt and looked too much like kindergarten....these are my BABIES after all.  When did they get so big??  More than anything, I want them to be confident and love school so my prayer is that this turns out to be the beginning step in that direction.  I'm not going to even START with the tiny panic attack I had while reading the parent handbook and the section about morning drop off.  It reassured that crying and anxiety were normal, and they recommended not lingering....just saying "goodbye" and walking away.  I'm not too sure who will have it worse in or them!