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Monday, January 18, 2010

Art Class

Today I took the babies (all three!) to art class for the first time.  Before you feel yourself puffing up with pride for me, know that my mom came with us.  Kelly had off today for MLK, so her and Logan met us there.  The babies had the best time....even though Logan almost had a seizure when the guy tried to make her wear a smock....Let's just say she took a walk on the wild side and went smock-less.

The little art studio was so cute!  They had a variety of stations set up, and all the babies got to move around to whatever activity they wanted to do.  The little activities were very age appropriate, and my kids LOVED them.  I was so proud of the little projects they were doing, and really proud of myself for not getting too involved in "making" their art for them rather then helping.....and then they spotted the "Play dough Room".  At that point, all interest in art was done.  They smooshed and rolled and cut and poked and sliced that play dough until it was time to go.  Lessons learned:  Art was fun and we'll definitely do it again.....and if I need any free time to myself at home, all I need to do is get out some play dough and that will surely buy me an hour or two!


Jacqueline McGinnis said...

awesome...can't wait until Livi and Ella can play like that...