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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Eater Baket! (not misspelled!)

The babies loved their "Eater Bakets!" and hunting for eggs....this was obviously the first Easter that mattered to them. Last year, we just dressed them up cute and took pictures of them in bunny ears, but this year, they were ALL about the candy!  All week long, Hayden has been handing me eggs and saying, "Open Mommy! Canny!" Luckily the Easter bunny had the foresight to only put two m & m's in each egg, so we kept the sugar coma to a minimum.  The "Easter Bunny" (aka "mommy") tried to collect supplies at Wal Mart with babies in tow....I thought they would be easy to trick, but EVERYTHING that went in the basket warranted a deluge of questions.  "What dat, Mommy?", "Canny, Mommy?", "Chocolate!", "Ducks! Wack-Wack!" They are apparently a LOT more perceptive than I had given them credit for!  When we put them to bed the night before Easter, I told them the Easter bunny was coming and bringing them candy, and he was going to hide eggs at Mimi and Popo's house.  They listen and understand EVERYTHING now...when they woke up the next morning, the first thing out of their mouths was "Eggs, Mommy? Mimi and Popo's?"  Just one more reminder that my tiny babies are getting so big!