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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Putting our teeth to good use...

So everyone knows Hayden had a two week biting binge a few months ago. Now, my sweet baby boy (who has spent the last month holding his arms out to me every time he sees me walk by) has turned on me! Today they were playing off in the corner, and he was pulling on her or breathing on her or something equally offensive, and she chomped down on his face like a rabid animal. Normally, he would cry and look to me for comfort, but this time he decided to man up. He went wild thrashing all over the place, and tried to drag her down to the ground with him...I ran over and intervened, only to have him bend over and try to chomp down on my ankle. When I thwarted that attempt, the kid tried to bite the HARDWOOD floor. Wow, that will really show her, buddy! :) I know that this is probably a normal progression in asserting their independence (please, tell me it is!) and it is probably magnified because they have another baby to compete with, but I can't help but have my feelings hurt. It is so dumb, because I know he wasn't trying to bite "me" per se, but couldn't help himself because he was angry....but I couldn't help feeling a little indignant. I told Shawn it doesn't seem fair that I love them so much and they try to bite ME....but I guess I am always the one in the line of fire. I have a sinking feeling I need to get over it....there are probably going to be a LOT of instances in the future where they assert themselves and I feel the brunt of it! On a funnier note, Cale tried to bite the soap in the bathtub tonight, and did NOT like the taste of that at all. I was trying to help him rinse his mouth out, and a little part of me was thinking, "huh! Serves you right!" Maybe he'll think twice about biting after that!
His new thing this week is blowing on his food....if you ask him, "What do you do when your food is hot?" he'll blow! It is so cute! I am especially amazed this week at how much they understand of what I am saying to them......although I am still nervous to take them to their checkup this month and have to tell the pediatrician he STILL doesn't care to walk. My mom and I even tried to manipulate him with Nilla Wafers, and that still didn't work. (I was sure food would do the trick) Ugh! I had been putting off making the appointment, and I finally called....we go September 9th, so he has a few weeks still to get on the ball!


Lynn said...

Hey Nicole! Love your blog. The kiddos are precious!!! Your lucky you've just been bit. Gracie bites anything she can get her mouth on and she is only 10 months. Hope Shawn's leg is doing better!