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Friday, May 9, 2008

Birthday Cupcakes

Loved our candles.....loved the singing....

...but we weren't sure about the actual cupcake.

Smurfy babies!

The babies "real" birthday was yesterday, so we decided we had to commemorate it in some fashion. (Definitely for US, not them) Mimi made them a spaghetti dinner....they love the Gerber spaghetti, so she thought they could just eat our spaghetti. She mashed it up with a fork, and same as always: Cale ate and ate until he couldn't eat anymore, and Hayden took one look at it, waved her hands in front of her face, and refused to taste it. My mom was disappointed, because she was sure they would both eat it....but oh well! Hayden is going through a phase where all she wants is Cheerios, Goldfish and Nilla Wafers. I am not sure what to do, so any advice would be greatly appreciated! I think she just realized that she is a little person who can control things around her, and controlling the food that goes into her body is one way she can assert her little self. I am seeing a long road of hard headedness and strong will ahead of us, but I am glad! No one will ever wish she was a less strong willed adult....anyway, I am off topic. The main reason for this post is the HILARITY that ensued when we gave them their cupcakes. They LOVED having the birthday song sung to them, and smiled so big while we were was so cute. Of course, we sang it twice, once for each baby. Then, it was ON. Or, it should have been....they were so uninterested in the cupcakes! I am sure they were wondering what in the world they were...they were bright blue with red stars on top. There was a little poking at the icing, turning over of the cupcake, and trying to drop it off the side of their tray. After some coaxing, a few bites were consumed, but very begrudgingly....our biggest problem is that by the time we gave them the cupcakes, it was their bedtime. Blue icing and sleepiness do not mix....Cale kept rubbing his eyes, and looked like a smurf, as you can tell. They were grumpy about it, and were not crazy about their first cupcake. At least we managed to get some cute pictures!