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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

12 month check up

Well, we are fine and apparently growing right on schedule. Cale is three quarters of an inch taller than Hayden, and weighs one pound more! She was shocked and horrified by the series of shots, and again he was the tough one. We asked the doctor about her affinity for goldfish and cheerios, and he reassured us that she wasn't going to die of starvation, even though she refuses to eat almost anything of substance. Cale on the other hand is an eating CHAMP. The boy will eat squash, broccoli, any kind of meat, beans, and so on and so forth. I think if we gave him sushi, he'd eat it. Twins are the best and most humble reminder that you aren't nearly as good (or bad) a parent you think. I do the SAME thing, and these two little people are so different in so many ways. I love this age so much....I always want to remember the things they are doing right now.

Hayden is HILARIOUS. She knows when she is being funny, and makes us laugh all the time. She tries to say almost anything we tell her to, and is getting better (a little) about screaming at strangers. She will wave, sign for "milk", point to the ceiling fan and make her hand go "round and round", look for the doggies, and wave her hands NO if she doesn't want something (which is often) She could walk if she wanted to, but is still happy for now pulling up on everything, "walking" while holding our hand (she can do it with only one hand and very little help) and crawling into spaces she doesn't really fit into. She sometimes gets up too early, but can entertain herself alone for a while until someone comes to get her....we hear the rainforest soother on, or hear her "talking" and we know she's up. She is almost always laughing and smiling when we come to get her out of the crib, and she is usually hanging over the side of the crib by her armpits, trying her darndest to hoist herself over the side. (Please God don't let her figure that out!!) She adores her daddy, and throws herself (literally THROWS herself) at him when he comes home from work. She still feels best when her favorite five or six people are holding her....she tolerates different people sometimes, as long as she has mommy or daddy in her line of sight. She can play chase, and makes her brother laugh hysterically in the tub by splashing like a whale and covering him, the walls, the floor, and her mommy with water. She is a fabulous dancer, and has two very distinct dance moves. There is the bouncy knee bend to the beat, and the newest move: a shake from side to side which involves both shoulders and bootie. She has four adorable teeth, makes a "stinky" face and loves to snuggle.

Cale is ALL boy. Proof of this statement: his first "word" besides "mama" and "dada" was "touchdown". I am not kidding in the slightest. He was in the tub last night, and daddy put his arms over his head and said "Touchdown!". Cale immediately stretched out his little arms and shouted "Tadow!" It was forty three kinds of adorable, and a little alarming. Apparently we have another football addict on our hands. He is a thinker, and a little harder to make laugh. (He is a tougher critic of my humor) He can crawl about fifteen miles and hour, and is into EVERYTHING. (My mom calls him a "futzer") He is the kid who will pull the lamp down on himself, take the Glade plug in out of the wall, bend the metal blinds on the french doors, eat the dog food (yes, it has happened twice) and race into the open door that you are trying to close. He loves to watch his daddy dance (you would too!) and is SO smart. He holds anything and everything up to his face and waits for you to ask "Where's Cale?" (He even tries this with random items: a receipt, stuffed animal, etc.) He holds my phone by his ear, and "brushes" his own hair with his little blue hairbrush. (too cute) He thinks his sissy is the funniest person he knows, and does NOT like to be put down after his nap. (He needs to be snuggled for at least ten minutes before he can go play) He will eat anything, with his nine cutie teeth, and loves to play with my nail polish box. He loves feeling clothes when we are mom keeps saying he is going to be a fashion designer, or textile importer. He squeals and races when anyone he loves comes into a room, and cries when he is tired. He pulls the wooden slats out of the blinds if you don't come get him out of his crib fast enough. He loves to play "Get You"....and even gets his sister to play, too. He can turn over and crawl away from you as quick as lightning when you are changing his diaper, so you've gotta bring your A game to the changing table! He understands EVERYTHING we say to him, and surprises us all the time with something he knows that we weren't even really trying to "teach" him.

Both babies are chewing the paint off the sides of their crib. (so much for using them over again) They are both super fast crawlers, pulling up on everything, and soaking up everything we point out to them. They are amazing sleepers, and have the sweetest, funniest sometimes feels like there isn't enough room in my heart for all FEELING I have for them...I want to take them everywhere with me and hold them until they are too big and their knees are dragging on the ground. I know at some point this obsession needs to be reigned in: or else I will become the mommy who never wants them to spend the night at someone else's house or go on vacation with their friends. (The thought makes my hair want to curl up and fall off!) Until then, I will just enjoy them the way they are....wiggly and tiny and covered in slobber; loving me best of all.