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Saturday, April 12, 2008

What new to report?? Well....let's see....
-Cale's new trick is to put anything on his head or over his face...then he smiles really big and waits for you to laugh.
-We ask Hayden "Are you funny?" and she courtesy laughs for us. It is hilarious!
-We took the babies to the church nursery Friday night, and they did okay....besides the fact that Hayden was being held by one of the workers in the hallway. Apparently, she cried, but not nearly like the last time! She was doing fine until another baby tried to hug her, and then a toy made a loud noise and scared her and she had a melt down.
-There's a little mirror on the wall in their room at has a little wooden ballet bar hung about a foot off the ground....apparently Cale stood up and talked to himself for about an hour. They told me, "He really likes himself" when I came to pick them up.
-Both babies shake their head "no" when asked almost anything...
-My aunt bought the babies two "Little Tikes" swings to hang outside....we finally hung them on the tree in my parents backyard, and the babies love it. They don't really care that the tree is crooked and that they swing sideways, or that the swings shake tree bark all over their heads... My dad, however, can't stand it...and is building a big frame to hang the swings on. It will be a lot nicer, and probably safer's funny how we turned two nineteen dollar swings into a hundred dollar project.
-People have scheduled showings of our house in Alamo Heights, and it isn't even on the market yet!! Please, please, please let it sell, and quick!
-we took the babies to the doctor and were suprised to learn that: Cale has "temporary lactose intolerance" and has to take soy formula for a while, had a massive diaper rash, and a weird rash on his head that necessitates the use of cortisone cream.....Hayden has what looks to be eczema (yeah!), an ear infection, and a diaper rash as well. And to think I was just taking them to the doctor because I thought Hayden had a rash and Cale's diaper rash wasn't going away....when we were leaving the doctor stated, "Wow. Pretty much everything is wrong with ya'll." I had to get in the car and make a list for myself of all the stuff I was supposed to buy and do to treat this laundry list of maladies. When I made the appointment, I told my mom that all their problems would probably be gone when we got to the doctor...she said that is impossible, because anything that makes you look like a bad mother will always appear at the doctor. She was right!! Finally we are getting control of the diaper rash...Hayden has only had it one other time, and Cale has never, ever had it before this. I HATE that they got it....they were crying so hard when you changed their made me teary eyed because I could tell it hurt so bad. Joni told me that when they are cutting teeth sometimes they get diaper rash...I am not sure how that is connected, but I know she is right. Luckily they are both getting better...thanks to about twelve gallons of Vaseline.


natalie said...

once make me laugh, nicole!

for the diaper pediatrician prescribes us a compound (done by the pharmacy...the only reason it's a prescription). i'll get the name for you so you can ask your pedi. it clears it up within a day...sometimes even that day. it's amazing stuff.