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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So apparently this is not the healthiest two weeks of the babies' life thus far. This weekend, Cale was NOT himself...whiny and grumpy and not wanting to be put down AT ALL. He was like a little Rhesus monkey clinging to me wherever I went. Even putting him in his high chair made him cry. (And the boy usually LOVES to eat) Monday he was miserable...I tried Tylenol and it wasn't helping. At about four a.m. we get a screaming wake up call coming from the nursery, and sure enough, he was BURNING up....we took his temp and it was over 102...we gave him Tylenol again, and put a cool rag on his head...he was so mad, we were thinking an emergency room visit might be in order.....Finally Shawn decides we should put him in the tub, mainly because he loves a bath and we thought that playing with his tub toys would make him happy. Well, what do you know? My husband seems to know a thing or two about parenting!! He was happy as a clam and as soon as we got clean jammies back on him and laid him down, he was sound asleep. I hoped and prayed he would feel better when he woke up....which he did, but not good enough. He was just cranky enough to let us know that something was still wrong....we took him to Dr. Fitch, only to find out his throat is covered in white ulcers! How sad is that? The kid was in terrible pain, and we had no idea! He prescribed him an antibiotic, and something called "pink magic" (which sounds like a drug I would willingly injest after three days of having a crying, sweaty baby glued to my side) It is a combo of Benadryl, motrin, and lydacaine to numb his throat. Poor, poor baby.....and too bad that he tries to spit out every medicine we give are supposed to aim the pink magic to the back of his throat so as not to numb his lips and tongue....but the way he spits and thrashes around, his whole head region is probably numb. (along with the back of his neck, since that is where most of it seems to roll) Ugh!!! Not an easy few days....Cale felt terrible, Hayden had to play all by herself, and I was WORN out. This is when having two is a little harder than one. Luckily, my parents took Hayden with them today so that I could love on Cale....he and I ran errands, and he was in a MUCH better mood. It is easier to run errands with one baby, but I wouldn't want to do it too often...We both missed Sissy....when we were getting in the car, I asked him "Where's your sissy?" and he leaned over to look at the space where her car seat normally is. Smart baby! Now if I could just keep him from sucking on the handle of grocery carts, he would avoid some sickness!


Katherine said...

Oh, the ulcers! We've had our share of that! It's terrible! Be careful about getting them yourself. John tends to get them when Caroline gets the ulcers (twice so far). Luckily Jacqueline and I can keep them at bay. They are supposed to be VERY contagous.