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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's almost one a.m....I can't I thought I would post these pictures...I forgot to add (to the sixties post) that the next morning, Shawn came out with his wig on from the night before and the babies didn't like it one bit! Hayden looked at him like she had no idea who he was...Cale stared at him, and then let us put the wig on him...We tried to put the wig on Hayden, but she was not interested. She had it off so fast, and with such distaste, we had to laugh. They are already so different...
Please ignore the random items in my living room, the 352 baby toys on my floor, the makeshift animal pen made to keep my children from crawling out the front door onto I35, and the fact that my husband is never wearing a shirt.