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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Loving my new camera...

I am in love with my new camera....a 10 mp Canon digital with a macro lens....I can already tell the pictures are going to be much better than with the tiny Sony digital camera. (That is, if I ever figure out how to REALLY use this fancy schmancy thing) I love that it takes three frames a second...imperative for taking pictures of squiggly ten month olds...with the old camera, it gave off about six "warning" flashes (red eye reduction most likely) that made Cale squint in all of them...I realized I was NEVER going to get a good picture of this kid unless I got a quicker camera. I also love the macro lens....I can take pictures of them without them knowing...not so important now, but it will be worth it's weight later. I need to find somewhere to take a photography class....any suggestions from readers will be greatly appreciated!
Other stuff I am loving right now:
-my "Floormate" hard floor vaccuum. Love it, love it, love it! You wouldn't believe the filth that comes off of floors you THOUGHT were clean....I will never look at floors again the same way...
-Clorox's new line of "Green" cleaning products...I am not a die hard tree hugger, but I am all about buying safer products for my house...especially since I have babies crawling (and sometimes licking) all over my floors.
-Sally Hansen's new lip gloss...I am a SUCKER for new bath/beauty this one! It feels like chapstick, but looks like fancy gloss.
-my new panini maker...It grills your sandwich, melts the fillings, and seals the edges...magical sandwich fun! :)
-the paint color Shawn and I picked out for our's called "Barnwood". Kinda gray, kinda beige...very cool!
-American Idol...I am a thirteen year old girl at heart, who claps her hands and jumps up and down every time cutie David Archuleta gets on stage! I want to carry him around on my hip and put him in a car seat...he is so cute, and humble. (Although Shawn claims he probably yells at everyone and smokes when the cameras aren't on him...lies!)
-Wal-Mart's scrapbooking stuff...actually pretty decent stuff for being so cheap.
-low fat ice cream sandwiches. Just as good as regular. (or close)
-watching the babies crawl...and squeal when they think they are in to something they aren't supposed to be in to.
-Organizing....I still have lots to do, but have sorted and labeled lots of stuff. (Gotta love the label maker!!) I am a little bit OCD when I am in the middle of an organizing frenzy...but then resort back to hanging stuff on the side of the treadmill.
Just feeling lucky....and grateful...
(which means a major appliance is probably about to explode and send me crashing back to reality...)


Amy said...

I'm such a freak because I'm actually excited reading this...first of all, the labelmaker...gotta get one...been on my list for a while. Walmart scrapbooking stuff...never found that chipboard you told me about...where did you get it? That new mop thing...I'm going to go get it tomorrow...the lipgloss too! Maybe I'm just excited to read something other than TAKS documents, but this cheered me up and gave me a list of things to go get tomorrow...including the camera:):)