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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I am not sure when you are supposed to start discipline with your children...probably when your daughter starts screaming in rage when you take something away that she wants. Hayden is now the boss of everyone in this house. For being such a sweet, happy baby, she is really starting to assert mom was buying her a dress yesterday, and Hayden had been holding it in her lap in the stroller, playing with the price tag. When we got to the checkout to pay for it, my mom took it away...and that's when it really hit the fan...the kid started growling and screaming at us, and even pounded her little fists on her chest a few times to show us she really meant business. The lady in the line in front of us gave us a look as if to say "You people are really in for it."
Then Sunday, as Shawn and I sat in church....we see our number pop up on the screen from the nursery. Sure enough, as we exited the sanctuary doors, we hear Hayden screaming like she is being pinched....mind you, the baby room is still a full hundred feet or more away, but she can really project. They were standing with her in the hall, trying to make her stop crying....the girl holding her said, "I think something hurts." Which would be a good guess based on the way she was hollering...but NO. There was no pain involved....she was fine as soon as I took her outside. We tried to go back in to get Cale and our diaper bag, and she screamed as soon as I took one step towards the door. Shawn had to go get him alone because she was having none of it. I know this is the tip of the manipulation iceberg, but I am not sure she is young enough at this age to work with. I think for now, we are going to have to just keep other people's ears safe from bleedage, and do what she wants. It is a pain sometimes, but still cracks us up because they are starting to show more and more of their personalities....they actually have really obvious likes and dislikes....they are tiny little people. (Or a tiny little dictator in her case) It still amazes me how different they are....Cale can bang his head on something (hard) and keep on truckin'....Hayden, on the other hand, cries if the wind blows on her sideways.
They are all over the place....pulling paper out of the printer, getting into the nail polish box, chewing on the remotes, pulling wipes out of the box...the list goes on and on....They are tons of fun, but a LOT to keep up with....