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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Please say a prayer for our friend's baby....they took her to her regular routine nine month physical and the doctor felt a mass in her abdomen. They sent her to the hospital in Phoenix, and they found (after lots of tests and confusion) that she has malrotation of her organs, which means that all her little organs are on the wrong side of her body. They still have more tests to do, and more doctors to meet with....if her heart is flipped like the other organs, that is a better scenario. The doctors seem to think that malrotation can indicate another problem, like a congenital heart issue, or a spleen or liver problem. Funny enough, the "mass" her pediatrician found was her liver, on the wrong side. Malrotation is NEVER diagnosed this way, so praise God her doctor felt what she did! Additionally, her intestines are sort of just "floating", and not attached to anything, which can cause twists and blockages....they will find out more in the next few weeks....we are sending out lots of prayers...that the doctors get good test results, and decide on the right course of action to heal her....that her parents stay strong and brave, and that baby Kate heals quickly and isn't scared by what they have to do to help her! She is such a beautiful baby with a sweet and gentle spirit....