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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Just a swingin'!

We had a perfectly wonderful weekend....Friday night Shawn and I went to Ruth's Chris for a late Valentine's date, and acted like grown ups for a few hours while Mimi and Popo sat with the babies...Saturday Amy and Daniel came over with the boys for lunch and playtime...Amy and I mostly talked girl stuff (sewing, scrapbooking, babies) while our husbands talked about their favorite topic (real estate development) and pretended to help watch the babies. Saturday night we headed to the rodeo...yes, WITH the babies. We are four kinds of crazy, but it was actually really fun. The babies loved looking at the animals and being held, and despite it being about a million decibels too loud, we all had fun. Believe it or not, the babies actually slept on my mom and I for about two hours at the they managed to get rest I have no idea, but I was glad! We laughed and laughed at them during the rodeo....Hayden managed to flirt with every cute boy within four rows of us. We taught her to wave "Hi", but she rarely does it for us when asked....well, apparently if you sit an attractive guy anywhere near her, she suddenly turns in to Miss America on the Thanksgiving Day float! You couldn't get her to STOP waving....waving, smiling, crinkling her nose up...I told Daddy he better start shining that shotgun NOW. We had the babies in bed by 11:30 (terrible parenting) but they slept all night and had a great Sunday, so I guess a little blip in their schedule ain't gonna kill them. (or me)

Today we laid around the house feeling lazy, and finally decided we had to go somewhere since it was such a beautiful day...we loaded up the babies and headed to Gruene. The weather was so pretty, that we decided to eat at Gristmill....the babies were cooperative, and it was so fun!

We sat them in the grass outside to take pictures, and they pulled the grass out by handfuls...we realized they had never sat on grass before. It was too cute! The were fascinated.

On the way home, we decided to find a park with baby swings....Shawn didn't believe me that they would like them....but I proved him wrong. They laughed and squealed the whole time...when we were leaving Cale kept looking over my shoulder at the swings....we decided we are going to have to take them more often.

Final note of the blog: We have CRAWLERS...yep, you heard it right! No more creeping for these two..they are officially in to EVERYTHING. Touching the buttons on the DVR box, ripping pages from my magazines, pulling stuff off the coffee table...generally getting into everything that was safe before. Hayden started REALLY crawling last Wednesday, which didn't surprise us. She had been getting SO close for so long, that we kept thinking it was going to be any day. Cale, however, was happy to sit in the middle of the rug playing with his toys and watching the action unfold around him. Well, he watched her crawl all day Wednesday, and I kid you not, the kid went from just sitting there doing nothing, to FULL FLEDGED crawling on Thursday. I guess he didn't want to be left behind....