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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

We hate Santa!

It is kids hate Santa! They have had two encounters with him, and neither went very well. The first was at Shawn's company Christmas party. He was a rental Santa, and pretty authentic looking....the babies had quivery lips right when they saw him walking up to us....we weren't sure how they would react, so of course we handed them both over to sit on his lap. First the staring at him, then the reaching for us, and finally the bloodcurdling scream. We laughed, and took pictures. I sort of understand their horror...every time I walked in the hall, Santa was getting a fresh drink at the bar. Not only was he scary looking, he probably smelled like a booze hound. Not to mention the teeth stained red from all the wine. Not that I wouldn't be a big drinker if I had kids crawling all over me....I'm just saying.
The second time they saw a Santa was at our friends the Zunkers Christmas party. Again, the minute of inspection before the meltdown...we had to physically remove them from the room this time to make the crying stop. Taking them away from Santa wasn't good enough this time...Oh well. At least we got some hilarious pictures!!
We decided early on that we weren't going to go crazy for the babies first Christmas, since they have no idea what is going we bought them a few tiny toys like a miniature sports ball set for Cale and a glow worm that sings for Hayden. But every time we get in a store around baby toys, I can't help myself! The babies just love anything that makes a noise or has flashing lights...Today in WalMart they were fascinated by the dancing hip hop lizard (dressed in a green sweatsuit and iced out with odd toy if you ask me) that sang Usher. When I put it back on the shelf, Cale cried....It is funny what they want to play with! Even with all the baby toys they have, they want to play with the trim on the couch pillows, the tags on blankets, and a big plastic strap that held three makeup bags together. I might as well save my money...
Yesterday we started putting them in the bathtub without their bath slings...I bought a non slip mat for the bottom of the tub, and dumped a bunch of tub toys in there....They LOVE bathing this more baby bathtubs for these two...they splash and scream and grab at all the toys. We stayed in so long tonight that Hayden's feet were pruney. They are really good at sitting up by themselves...even catching themselves before they fall back into the water...Even so, I put only about an inch of water in the tub so I could control them better....I cannot believe I have babies that are big enough to sit in a tub alone! It feels like yesterday that I was still 52 months pregnant with them, waiting and waiting for their birthday!