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Thursday, December 27, 2007

After all the running around from house to house, the buying of presents, the putting away of said presents, we are home at last.....AHHHHH. The relaxation won't last long...we are headed to Magnolia tomorrow for a Post Christmas visit with some of our favorite family members....I am looking forward to some girl time with my cousin and dear friend Casey....She and her husband are home in Houston relaxing until it is time to head out again for baseball season....we have to catch them while they are still here!
We promised ourselves we were NOT going to over do the babies first Christmas, but of course everyone had to buy them SOMETHING....the end result was, of course, a monstrous pile of things that made noise or flashed somehow. They had a wonderful time, and we loved watching their eyes light up over all the people, lights, presents and wrapping paper. (Especially the wrapping paper)
One of my favorites of this holiday season (besides hanging out with family) was having some of our high school friends over a few days before Christmas for a little get together....We are still close to many of our friends from high school...rare, I know...which made it that much more special. Everyone brought their kids to visit, and at one point we had 13 kids on our is amazing how many new people our group of friends has created!!! It is funny how you can go a year or two without seeing someone and the minute they walk in your door it is like it is tenth grade again.....(without the rodeo bangs)
I loved, loved, loved this first Christmas with our new little was so much better than any of the past 31....I was amazed at the generosity of our great family and friends who gave us the nicest, most thoughtful gifts...and I am even more aware and grateful for the BEST GIFT, the one that was already given for us all long before we were born, and the reason we celebrate at all!