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Monday, December 31, 2007

What to do with my sicko babies??? Cale was a little devil in Magnolia...woke up both nights screaming at one and five...both times we were awake for about an hour before the toot went back to sleep. The second night Shawn and I were almost laughing about was ridiculous! The kid was screaming and bowing his back like he was posessed. The worst part (besides the fact that our little boy obviously didn't feel well) was that we were trapped in a room with him. We tried EVERYTHING to get him to stop crying, and nothing worked. In our own house, it wouldn't be that bad, because he could cry himself to sleep in his own room. At our family's house, we had to keep trying things to quiet him, which was counterproductive and kept him awake. Meanwhile, Shawn and I are fighting the same cold they are and having two nights of no sleep didn't help with recovery!! To make matters worse, his clogged tear duct still hasn't opened on its own, and his eye is goopy and green and disgusting. I love it when strangers go, "Oh, he has a little gunk in his eye." Yeah, no kidding. Thanks for the help, but the kid ALWAYS has green crap in his eye. I am sure people think he has leprosy or something. I hate to even take him to the church nursery because I am thinking they think I am trying to sneak a kid with pink eye into the nursery. I am ready for the eye to clear up and the cold to be over! He is just not a happy boy right now. Funny thing is, Hayden is sick too, but she is so sweet that she just lays there smiling with snot coming out of her nose, wheezing because she can't breathe!
I am enjoying Shawn being home from work....he goes back the second and it will be sad to have him gone after being with him every day for a while. We also have to tackle the job of putting away the three (yeah, count em-three) Christmas trees and all the decorations. As much as I love Christmas, I HATE putting that stuff up. It is depressing to me somehow! Oh well....if you want to have the house all done up for Christmas, I guess that means lots of picking up when it is all said and done! Maybe I'll leave one tree out and make it a Valentine's tree......