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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Runny noses and coughing and crying, oh my!

We are about four days into to our first cold. My mom, Cale and Hayden have it the worst, and I feel like it might kick in for me any minute now. Cale started first, coughing and acting like he didn't feel good....then my mom and then Hayden this morning. It is so sad...lots of coughing and congestion. The nurse said to give decongestants, but if they were eating and sleeping, it was okay and they didn't have to come in for an appointment. I am sure they will be just fine...but the first time mommy I am means I want to run them over there and make sure. We are still debating whether or not we got our cold from Mimi, or we picked the cold up in childcare at church and gave it TO Mimi. Oh well!
We ate at my parents tonight, and the babies were so funny! Cale has been reaching for things on the table (fun!) so we gave him a big plastic ladle to play with. It is so fun to watch him look at something with such determination and reach his little hand out for it. He is so serious when he wants to get at something. When he did finally get to the spoon, he banged and banged it on the table and smiled so big! It made us all laugh....better than any other entertainment for me!!
After dinner we put Hayden on the floor, and she scooted and kicked all over the place. She sings so loud the whole time she is wiggling...if I had to guess, I would say she is going to crawl first. Who knows? I may be wrong...they keep surprising me with who does what first.
This week I bought two journals with the intention of journaling my prayers for the babies. At my MOPS group this month (mothers of preschoolers) we listened to an amazing woman named Martie Leavitt who is such an inspiration to stay at home mommies. She made me feel really good about doing what I am doing. (Not that I wouldn't have kept doing it without the encouragement) She stressed that raising our babies is our service to God, and that it is the most important job we can do. Her talk was so, so, so, good! Her husband is a Christian counselor, and they are the most amazing family. One of her suggestions was to keep a prayer journal for each of your kids, and give it to them when they are grown. I thought it was such a sweet idea....that someday my babies will know they were prayed for from the very beginning....and also, what an amazing testament it will be to look back and read the prayers and see how good God is. I am looking forward to writing in them, and to making sure I keep this one up!