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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Seventeen Weeks Old!!!

We just finished bathing the babies and putting them to bed! There is nothing sweeter than a sleepy baby smiling at you from behind the pacifier as you put them in their crib at night. Luckily for us, bedtime has become a relatively smooth routine. They get a bath, a bottle, a book (if they are into it) and then go down for the night. Sometimes they need to listen to their crib mobile to wind down, but more often than not, they go right to sleep. I am not kidding myself and attributing this to anything we have or haven't done...I think we just got lucky! As easy as bedtime has been, bathtime has been a bit of a challenge. First, we did the kitchen sink bath. At this point, we have abandoned that because the kitchen is under three inches of water when we are done....the babies LOVE the water and the thrashing around makes it difficult. Add to that the tiny size of the sink, and the slippery factor of the actual baby and we decided it wasn't working for us. We bought a "tub stool" that has a soft pad for your knees and kneel on it and bathe the baby in the actual tub. This turned out not to be as comfortable as the box claims. I can manage it, but my husband (who can run sprints all day in 100 degree heat, lift weights until the cows come home, and generally enjoy any physical activity) claims it "blows out his back". This, and shopping in Hobby Lobby. But I digress.

So finally we have settled on a bath time rountine....I get in our big jacuzzi bath, and Shawn brings the babies to me one at a time. They get their bath, swim a little, get handed back to Daddy for a fresh diaper and jammies, and we're done! I am not sure how other people deal with bathing infants (much less TWO) every night, but I would be open to suggestions.

This week marked a big event for us: The babies stayed in the church nursery Tuesday morning during my Bible study. I was pretty nervous since they have only stayed with family, or Kelly and Ronny. I was so sad handing them over to the ladies in the nursery, but they were so sweet...and I KNEW it had to happen eventually. Plus, it does their mommy good to have some time with other mommies having some real conversations... When I was about to leave the nursery, one of the workers asked me if I had any special instructions...I said "No"...but in my mind I was thinking, "Yes, if you can just look at, talk to, and hold my babies the entire time and ignore all the other ones, that would be great!" Of course, they did wonderfully, and both were being held when I went to pick them up....spoiled much? Getting them in the car in the torrential rain was another story entirely...

Tonight Shawn and I took them for their first walk in their stroller with them strapped in "big kid" style. (without the infant seats...just sitting up in the actual stroller) I was worried they would start to droop after a minute or two, but they did great!!! They LOVED sitting straight up and facing forward, looking at everything around them. I told Shawn it is a little sad, because I like the fact that they look at me the whole time when they are in their infant seats....just one of those situations where they have to get bigger and I have to get over it!!

Speaking of me getting over is SO hard for me to retire their tiny clothes to a storage box. Cale is in his crib right now, sleeping in jammies that are too little for him, sheerly because I can't bear to keep putting little clothes in boxes and getting out the bigger makes me so sad. Shawn doesn't understand this a bit...he said "They have to grow. Growing is a good thing." My rational mind agrees with sentimental mommy mind wants them to crawl back into my stomach and stay there so that no one can ever hurt their feelings or steal their milk money. :) ( out elementary school bully kid of the will have one mad lady on your tail!)