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Monday, September 3, 2007

My mom and dad's dog Lucy LOVES the babies...
I think I will be able to update this blog more regularly now, because my husband is in a trance in front of our TV that will last well into winter. He doesn't mind taking care of both babies for hours at a time as long as I don't ask him to change the football is in effect in our house! I love it! Shawn said I can do whatever I want when he is watching football....might be the impetus I need to go from tolerating football for 15 months a year, to LOVING it!! Saturday I actually got to go get a was heavenly!

The babies went to their first birthday party a couple weeks ago....I was worried they would be cranky since they wouldn't be home during nap time, but they were great! The party was for my friend Karen's little boy, and her family helped out a lot with both babies. Karen got out her old "Jumparoo" swing that attaches to the door jam....we gave both babies a turn in it and they LOVED it....Cale thought he was standing up on his own. They had such a good time we had to get them their own. My brother was messing around with it with Cale in it this morning, and we looked over to see Cale laying face down on the floor wearing the swing around his more adjusting the swing for uncle Andrew!! Last weekend Shawn's mom and grandma took us to Babies R Us to get the babies their high chairs....they have both been really generous about helping out with all the big has been so nice! While we were there, we picked up the Jumperoo, and a huge box of diapers....of course, Shawn's grandma paid for those, too....which is SO not what we expected, but appreciate nonetheless. I have realized it is futile to argue with her when she has decided she wants to buy something for I guess it is better to just enjoy and appreciate! We needed more formula, too...but I knew she'd want to pay for that, too, so I decided to go back later in the week.

This weekend we went to a wedding with my mom and brother...(dad is out of town in Korea) We left the babies with my grandparents and uncle....right when we were getting ready to leave, Hayden had a reflux related meltdown....I almost didn't go, but she calmed down a little by the time we were walking out the door....we left them my cell phone so that we could call them throughout the night, but the first time I called to check on them my grandpa accidentally turned it off so we spent all night wondering how things were going. Of course, they were fine when we got home at 12:00, but Hayden was awake....I guess if your grandma is not going to spoil you and let you stay up past your bedtime, who will?

The babies are getting really good at holding their heads and chests up on the floor, but they don't spend nearly enough time practicing since they would rather be held than do "tummy time"...the minute they make a peep, we pick them up, so they will probably never learn to crawl. Both of them can roll over on the bed, because it is so mushy, but not on the floor yet...they haven't figured out how to tuck their arm to roll over. Cale can almost sit up on his own is really exciting how big they are getting....I know pretty soon I will be baby proofing our house and taking dog biscuits out of their slobbery hands...