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Friday, July 27, 2007

Eleven Weeks Old!!

I am home all alone!!! Shawn and I are going downtown this weekend for our anniversary, and my parents took the babies home with them early so I could be by myself....I hardly know what to do...I can't decide whether to watch t.v., take a nap, or run screaming around the house. The sad thing is, I already miss the babies a little, and they have only been gone an hour...I am going to try to enjoy this weekend and not miss them too much.
This week has been SO MUCH FUN with the babies....they are smiling so much and "talking" a lot. Cale's word sounds like "Doh!!" Homer Simpson style....Hayden has been singing a little (or maybe it's crying) and it sounds like "Nye Nye Nye" It is too cute! She does that right before she breaks into a full she is warning us...."You people have about thirty seconds to figure out what I want before the REAL crying starts!" Cale's crying starts out with a sound that resembles a cat spitting and hissing...then he screaches like Howard Dean on the campaign trail. It makes us laugh so much...we let him "spit" for a minute before picking him up because we know he's getting ready to make a hilarious sound....
I have officially learned to do everything with one hand!! I can eat, cook, make a bottle, vacuum...I even once changed a diaper with one hand! I am learning skills I never imagined..which is good, because for some reason, Cale has decided he has to be held every minute he is awake....we are going through a little difficult phase...I will get him asleep and as I am laying him down in bed, he starts crying with his eyes closed....he has a sixth sense!
This week I met Kelly at Babies R Us to help her register, and then we went out to eat. I was gone for about four hours, and Shawn decided he did not like being left alone with the babies that long. I have to say, he is the best husband...he willingly watches them and doesn't complain at all....and he only called me three times while I was gone. It was pretty funny....he said Cale spit up all over himself, the loveseat, etc., which was pretty surprising because Hayden is the puker, not him. I asked Shawn what happened and he said, "Well, he cried, so I gave him another two ounces...and then he kept crying so I gave him another two ounces..." I guess there is only so much room in a stomach before it has to go somewhere.....Shawn said he would not want to be a single parent....I know EXACTLY how he feels....If I think he is coming home at six thirty and I call and he's still at his office, I feel like crying sometimes!!!
Actually, Shawn had it WAY worse two weeks ago....I woke up at about six a.m. with the most excruciating pain I have ever felt....It was way worse than any contractions or any pain associated with the c-section....I called my obstetrician, thinking surely she left a scalpel or sponge in me or something....she sent me to the ER where they determined I had a KIDNEY STONE! I thought only old men got kidney stones (or maybe that is prostate problems...whatever!!:) They gave me morphine (and lots of it) on an empty stomach, and I proceeded to throw up for two straight days...I felt a lot better after I stopped taking the pain meds...I think I might have overdosed a little. Shawn and my mom had to take care of the babies for about 48 hours while I laid in bed...I was trying to eat something so that I could take my medication and I was literally laying on my back in bed eating with my eyes closed. It was horrible!!! Thank goodness we live near our families, and that my husband doesn't travel. I am not sure what I would have done without them. My kids would have had to lay around in a dirty diaper for two days. Anyway, long story short-I am not sure if I passed the stone, so I have to anticipate that pain coming back again at some point...which I am not looking forward to. I couldn't even enjoy laying in bed all that time because the pain was so horrible.....I would never wish that pain on anyone, but it is true when they say having a kidney stone is the closet thing a man can experience to childbirth....I didn't even have the babies naturally, but the kidney stone pain hurt WAY worse than the contractions did. I felt guilty the whole time I was sick, like I was neglecting my babies....hopefully they don't have any awareness that they were being ignored by me! Come to think of it, I hope they don't realize we are leaving them this weekend....moreover, I hope my parents don't change their minds about keeping them....Shawn and I were joking that we are going to hear a knock on our hotel room door, and when we open it, the babies will be sitting in their carseats on the floor outside. I am sure we will miss them, but I am going to try to enjoy our time away, and not talk about them the whole time!!!