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Monday, June 11, 2007

One month old!!

The babies are five weeks old tomorrow, and are changing every day. They are starting to smile in their sleep (the baby books say that this comes first...we still have to wait for them to actually smile "at" us!) I am ready for some smiles and coos....I was joking that I need some return on my investment! They are a lot of work, and I would like to know that they like me. (or at least recognize me)
They are both holding their heads up pretty well, but right when we holler at someone to look at how big they are, they fling themselves to one side or the other and we have to catch them. :)
They are starting to spend some time on their tummies, mainly because the baby books told me they were supposed to, but also because I don't want them to get a big flat spot on the back of their heads....both babies are starting to really focus on us, and track things with their eyes. They seem to recognize our voices...I am sure they have figured out when they are about to be fed! Of course, we think they are beautiful and geniuses....sometimes I get teary eyed just looking at them...I can't hardly stand to watch diaper commercials or baby food commercials, and I am almost comatose every time the Johnson and Johnson commercial comes on where the lady is giving her baby a bath in the sink. I am sure a lot of that has to do with hormones, but we are nonetheless filled with gratitude every day! I am grateful for lots of things: two healthy babies who are relatively easy and who only get up once at night to eat, my mother that comes over every day to help out, and a husband who thinks it is just as much his job as mine to look after these babies!
Their little personalities are starting to come out....Hayden is mouthy and loves to sleep (just like her mommy!) and Cale looks just like Shawn, and is so sweet. He loves to look at the ceiling fan too, just like Daddy! :) We have turned into those idiots that stare at their babies for hours on end, excited about big burps and half smiles...
Both babies look more like Daddy than Mommy, although family and friends try in vain to pacify me with halfhearted attempts at comments like, "She looks just like you!" I think I deserve for at least one of them to resemble me, seeing as I am the one who experienced a tiny bit of discomfort carrying them. Apparently, that is just not how genetics works....I guess I will have to settle for being the vessel that carried them....although I think I should get some kind of award for that at least! :)
It has been a busy month, as we have learned to operate on interrupted sleep, and schedule our days around the needs of two other people. The days of doing what we want when we want are OVER! I wouldn't go back to how things were before, though... I can't remember what I did with myself before they were here.
I have learned that being the mother of twins means lots of stares and comments from strangers everywhere we go....people are mostly very nice; talking about how beautiful they are and how lucky I am...but every once in a while we encounter the occasional bold stranger that wants to know how they were conceived, or asks the peculiar question "Are they identical or fraternal?" (after they have realized they are a boy and a girl) More often than not, people make comments about how I must have my hands full. They are more right than they hands are full, my car is full, my house is full, but mostly-my heart is full!!!