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Monday, June 25, 2007

I learned two things this weekend:
1. Infants do not like fireworks.
2. Other people's children get on my nerves.

We visited Round Rock/Austin this weekend, and the babies did AWESOME....they slept in every restaurant, slept great at night in their pack and play, and were quiet the whole time we held them at the baseball games. Of course, no one watched the game much, we all just played with the babies and passed them around to each other. At least we managed to look up for Nick's at bats...but that is about it!! The second night they had fireworks after the game...which I thought would be fun. Clearly, I was wrong. My mom was holding Cale during the show, and in a twenty minute period, he went from confused to alarmed to horrified to literally beside himself with terror at all the noise. We were trying to cover his ears, but he was screaming so loud and wiggling so much it was nearly impossible. We wanted to leave, but couldn't get out of our seats and out of the ballpark because it was pitch black for the fireworks and we had so much junk to carry. Meanwhile, everyone in a ten row radius is staring at me like I am a child abuser. Mercifully, the show finally ended, and we got in the took another twenty minutes to calm him down. My mom is worried he will always associate her with the terror of fireworks. :) If Cale screaming in terror wasn't so sad, it would be a little funny because he makes the most hilarious faces when he is upset. It probably gets on his nerves to be mad and have everyone laughing at his faces. In between worrying about Cale and what everyone around me thought about his howling, we had to hear the kids behind us hollering after every single firework went off. At first, it was cute........they were just kids enjoying the fireworks. (at least that is what I told myself)......but after twenty or so times of hearing them yell as loud as they could every single time, I had had it...I had to turn around and give them the "former first grade teacher" look. They didn't get it but their mom did, and it was finally quiet. (Except for the crying coming from my own child, but who gets annoyed at their own kid?) They weren't nearly as bad as the kids in our hotel who pushed every button in the elevator and rode it up and down for about forty five minutes. It was a glass elevator, and every time they would get to the first floor, their dad (who was reading the paper and drinking his coffee) would look up and wave to them and off they would go again. No one in the family seemed to notice the lines of people forming at the elevators waiting for twenty minutes for them to come back down to the first floor. Being a former teacher, I always noticed kids in public who were getting on everyone else's nerves...but now I really notice!! I don't ever want my kids to be that kid! I told Shawn those are the parents who would always act so baffled in parent conferences and say their child NEVER acted like this at home....
Other than that...we had a great time! :) It rained all weekend, which meant no swimming, but we had fun anyway!
The babies are HUGE.....I can't wait to see what they weigh at their eight week checkup. I am scared my pediatrician will yell at me because they are so big...especially Cale. His eyes are starting to look like tiny slits in his face. He is hungry all the time! He would eat all the time...even if you offered him a bottle every ten minutes. When his bottle is over, he cries like his heart is broken. It is so sad! Shawn thinks he weighs 15 pounds...which sounds too big to me. There are surely some weight gain guidelines somewhere that we are shattering.
I have to keep telling Shawn that fat doesn't necessarily translate to athletic prowess later!