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Sunday, January 8, 2017

beach babies

If waiting three years between each blog is wrong, I don't want to be right.  Just kidding...I am in a deep shame spiral about the lack of record keeping I have done for this family.....these poor babies.  They had forty million pictures taken of them from birth to age four and from 4- now, approximately seven.  Life just gets in the way of writing and record keeping and memory keeping.  I guess it's a good thing to be focused on the memory making instead of the memory keeping but still.  I want them to have images of their little lives, but also my words.  So here goes.....for the fourteen hundredth time.
We took the babies to the beach for a quick trip right after Christmas.  The island was empty and foggy and so dreamy.  We did a lot of sitting around, eating, and not a whole lot of anything else.
Mimi bought Hayden a "grown up coloring book"...not like adult content (I'm sure you can actually buy those) but one of those ones with the really intricate flower and paisley designs.  Coloring those tiny designs with markers and then the fancy schmancy Prismacolors Mimi bought them took up most of their down time. We were telling Hayden she had to take care of her new colored pencils because we were pretty sure there were art majors in college who didn't have the big Prismacolor set yet.
 Lots of laying around, playing on the iPads, and just relaxing in general.  Mimi and Popo were there too and we were all equally worthless as far as activity level goes.
 As much as my kids hate posing for pictures, I made them do it because the beach was so super foggy that I knew it would make for amazing images.  You literally couldn't see fifteen feet away from you it was so foggy.  I told Shawn it was like the set of a movie.  Babies were grumpy with pics, but at this point in their lives know that the path of least resistance is to just slap a smile on and cooperate to make momma happy.  The faster they can get the pictures over the faster they can get back to running around doing their own thing. (Photographer kid probs)

 Mimi, Shawn and I decided we would have cocktail hour down by the water and let the littles play and get some energy out.  We were busy enjoying our drinks until Mimi and I noticed that the fog was settling into tiny little water drops all over our bodies.....and we cracked up about having a "fog mustache".

 This little one is one of the main reasons I felt motivated to blog again.  Those top two teeth fell out during her Christmas break, and yesterday she got her ears pierced.  If those two things don't make you feel like your baby is getting ready to pack a trunk and move to college, I don't know what will.

 Despite the water being roughly 16 degrees (or something) these kids can't hardly be kept out of it.
 I love that they are big enough to make me laugh every day with the things they say, but also little enough to still look for treasures wherever we are.  Half a sand dollar is a pretty big deal for a beach that's pretty low on shells.
(Just a side example of the kinds of things they say that make me laugh....the other day Livi and I were talking about diversity and how it's cool that we all look differently, talk differently....and she offered these sage words of wisdom. "Momma, you know everyone is the same?  No matter what color your skin is, or your eyes matter what.  We are all the same on the inside.  Even Donald Trump probably.  And he's orange.")

I love having the kids off school for holiday, and not just because I love sleep so much I could cry.  Also because I kinda like hanging out with them every day.  When they went back last week it was  sad.  They're my little friends now.  I love their little words and ideas and stories and watching the way their little minds work on a day to day basis.  If I wasn't 143% sure I'd snap and have a mental breakdown, I might actually consider "online learning" (Livi saw a commercial on TV once and wondered why they couldn't just stay home and do that)
I'm glad we decided to go down for a few days during their makes me happy to be down there when no one else is and the town is totally asleep.  It makes me feel like it's our little secret, but mainly we like not having to wait at restaurants, because: priorities.