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Monday, August 12, 2013

Beach trips 2013

We were so lucky to get to visit Port Aransas twice this summer.   My kids love the beach so much, and I'm so glad to be able to take them to visit a place they enjoy so much.....during both trips, we did all our favorite traditions....driving into town on the golf cart for ice cream, playing on the beach all day, eating tons of yummy seafood, and playing in the "big shark" outside the surf shop.  During the July trip, we paid $10 for the kids to have their picture taken with the monkey (named April) outside the aforementioned surf shop.  I knew it was going to be a quickly taken, poor quality picture, but I wanted to do it anyway, just to see how my three precious babies reacted to holding a monkey.  This experience was worth WAY more than ten dollars.  They reacted exactly like I thought they would.  Hayden wanted NOTHING to do with the monkey, and had to be bribed to sit on the bench with it.  Cale sat next to it, but was very suspicious.  Livi held out her tiny arms and grabbed the monkey from the handler before he could even hand it to her.  She snuggled that monkey and held it's little tiny hands and was SO proud to hold it.

This summer we also got to hang out with lots of friends at the beach, watch rehabilitated sea turtles be released back into the ocean, swim in the pool, look for seashells, and (Livi's favorite) ride in the golf cart.