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Friday, June 7, 2013


I mean, really...where do you start when you've taken a full year away from blogging?  I can't even begin.  This sort of makes me want to not pick up blogging again, because the missing year annoys me and I can't even begin to go back and blog everything that happened.  Sigh.  Alas, I just looked back over the books I made of the blogs from the first years of my babies lives, and I felt really guilty about quitting.  They deserve some kind of memory keeping, right?  (I mean, aside from Instagram, which has been my sole outlet for memory recording this year)  Pictures are great, but they deserve WORDS.  Am I right??
So since I'm a weirdo and can't stand the missing year, let's recap it.
1.  Settled in to our new house, and love it.
2.  Twins finished last year at Alamo Heights United Methodist, and are on to Kinder in the fall.  I'd be way more sad about this if a) Livi didn't have another two years there or b) we weren't getting a HUGE raise by having only one little one to pay for at private preschool.
3.  Twins turned six.  SIX.  What in the ever loving world???  They are mature and worldly and use big people words.  (but still use baby words like "yesternight", which I love)
4.  Livi is almost four, and that blows my mind because I still see a tiny baby when I look at her.  (which I suspect is going to be the case when she is 35)
5...Um, maybe that's it?  So maybe we're not as exciting as I thought.  I guess I'd have blogged sooner if I'd known catching up a full year would take less than forty words. :)

Let's just start where we are.
We just finished tee ball, which Sissy tolerates and Cale LOVES.  Livi likes being at the ball park, but only because of the snow cones.
We're six days into our summer vacation, and we've got lots of plans for fun stuff.  Fun stuff we'll attempt, as long as I'm not comatose from being home all day, every day with these peeps.  I love them, more than anything, but these kids can wear you out, for reals.  We've only been at home without school for six days, and it feels like six months.  It is imperative that I come up with entertainment or else I'm going to be in the loony bin.  Plus, being at home all day means my house is never picked up, ever.  Ever.  That's going to wear on me hard core.  I'm thinking these littles are going to have to have to learn to unload a dishwasher or something.
So there you have it.  I'm going to try to keep blogging, and recording those little moments that turn into our favorite ones.