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Friday, December 24, 2010

One crazy week....

We were lucky enough (insert eye roll) to welcome a raging stomach virus in our house this week.  The baby might have gotten off the easiest of us all, with it hitting me the hardest.  It definitely put a crimp in my "getting ready for Christmas" goings on.  On day three of feeling horrible, I broke down and cried to Shawn about all I had to do, so he was sweet enough to spend part of his day being my gopher.  Luckily, we are all feeling much better, just in time for Christmas!!
What's been going on with us (besides vomiting) you might ask?  Well, the baby is thisclose to needing some beginning discipline.  She thinks its funny to smack us, and only feels bad some of the time.  We let her get away with it because mostly she is doing it to be funny...never to be mean.  She is all about turning the TV off while we are watching it, and does this about forty times a day.  The twins howl and fuss when she does it, like she just ran over their dog or something....and since THEY expect me to do something about her, I have been putting her in time out.  This is what the world's sweetest cream puff looks like in time out:
Does she look sorry to you??  Nope, not a bit!  She thinks going to time out is hilarious, and has no problem with it.  In fact, the minute she turns the TV off, she pivots and heads right to the time out spot.  I know, I know.....this is bad parenting.  Clearly she doesn't care about time out.....and I know I need to be more firm...but how HILARIOUS is this?  Smiling and laughing in time out like she is on vacation in the Caribbean.
She is loving hats right now.....or anything she can make into a hat.  She thinks it is super funny to put random items on her head and then see if we laugh.  Sometimes we look into the back seat and she is waiting patiently for someone to see her pacifier balanced carefully on her head.
This baby is starting to wear me out....but in the most fun way there is.  If she isn't playing in the toilet, she is usually climbing something precarious.  Shawn found her like this yesterday in the play room:
Just standing two feet off the ground, hanging out ON TOP of the play kitchen.  The best part of this story is how incredulous we were at how she can get herself down with such agility.  It's a wonder she hasn't figured out how to crawl out of her crib yet.  (Knock on wood!!)
We are finally ready for Christmas...and can't wait to see what the babies think of it....of course, we bought more for them than we intended to....but when the stuff they love is so cheap, it's hard not to!  Several of their toys took some major assembly, which I am going to remember next year when shopping.  Of course, we want them to get the real meaning of Christmas....and hope we are doing a good job at communicating the message to them.  They were so proud to put money in the Salvation Army bucket today...and that made their mommy proud of them.  Tonight as we were trying (in futility) to get them rounded into the bath and ready for bed, they were acting so silly....they wanted me to take pictures of them (as Cale said, "Mommy, take pictures of me making crazy faces.")  so I did.
They are busy, and wild, and silly and lots of work....but they are my favorite things on the planet.  THIS is the place I want to be more than anywhere else in the world.....I can't wait to share Christmas with them!!

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I LOVE the picture of the tiny one laughing her little bum off in time out. That's priceless!