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Monday, November 8, 2010

My Halloweeners

We did our usual thing this at our house on Saturday night, complete with grown ups in self deprecating costumes.  Sunday we headed to "Ma's" house (Kelly's mom)  for a night of trick or treating.  Everyone was (thankfully) healthy and in a good mood, so it was an easy, fun weekend.  The twins LOVED having their friends over at their party, and were playing in the backyard late into the night. They really enjoyed trick or treating, and said "Thank you" and "Happy Halloween!" at every house.  Even baby Livi enjoyed trick or treating....holding her little bag open and watching as the treats went down into her bag.  She was so proud of her little either didn't occur to her or didn't matter to her that she was a candy mercenary, used only for her cuteness and employed by her daddy and I for some free loot, seeing how she is still too tiny to eat ANYTHING in the bag.

A good time was had by only regret is the candy that I am being forced to eat since it still occupies a giant bowl on my kitchen island.  I think my favorite thing about this Halloween was that Sissy wanted to be Buzz Lightyear.  It didn't matter ONE BIT to her that Buzz is a boy costume...she just knows that she loves Toy Story, and loves Buzz.  She felt no pressure at all to be something "girly", although I know that day is coming soon.....I love the innocence of this peer pressure, no worry at all about what you look like.  Such a sweet and easy time!