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Monday, October 25, 2010

My baby is fifteen months old! (almost)

Today I took a few pictures of my little Livi....she was in a perfect mood, and cooperated the whole time.  I  must note:  photographing ONE kid is much easier than photographing THREE kids.  She was a piece of cake!  All I had to do was make animal noises at her, and she laughed and smiled like I was doing "Eddie Murphy Live".
At fifteen months, this baby is:
-walking all over the place like a tiny orangutan.  She can spin in circles, change direction, jump, (which is weird....I don't think she should be doing this yet) and almost run.
-talking and repeating more words now.  "Dada" and "uh oh" are still her favorites, but she is working some other words in there, too.
-eating everything she can fit in her mouth.  Girl can eat.
-loving her brother and (especially) her sister.  She thinks everything they do is hilarious and repeat worthy.  If they jump, she jumps...if they are singing, she hollers real loud....if they are yelling, she yells, too.  It is hysterical.
-making adorable faces and doing lots of tricks like "stinky face", straining real hard when we ask "Are you strong?", pointing to body parts....
-still sleeping great and taking two naps a day!
-asserting her tiny will on us.  I think this one is going to be like her sissy in that department.


Dana said...

OMG!!!!!!! I love these pictures of Livi, especially the one where her head is tilted and she is looking at the camera. I am in love (again)!