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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things I am grateful for at 8:43 p.m. on a Thursday

1.  Johnson and Johnson's new "Sweet Melon" baby wash...usually I want my babies to smell like lavendar, but I couldn't help getting this smells like fresh peaches...yummmmmmm......the only problem is, I "forgot" to put it in their bathtub.  I have been testing it out on myself for two weeks.
2. "Visual Poetry".....a new, inspiring photography book I am reading.
3.  Livi's huge cheeks (facial, not hiney)  I want to smoosh them all day.
4.  The fact that my kids want to give their piggie bank to the guy who begs for money on the corner of Hildebrand and 281.  Today Hayden asked if he could come live with us.
5. Cooler weather!!
6.  Girlfriends that make me laugh, and laugh at me.
7.  Green enchiladas from Paloma Blanca.
8.  The new paint pens I bought today at Hobby Lobby....I love the way they smell....along with the smell of gasoline, rubber cement, new tires, tar, white out...I know, I sound like a weirdo junkie; or more like a "smellie"....I don't huff paint, I promise.
9.  Gray's Anatomy starting tonight!!
10.  The new chick-fil-a that's going in 1.4 minutes from my house.