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Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day weekend

This holiday, we were some busy fools.  We started off the weekend with open house for the twins' school (more info on that're going to want to stay tuned....this makes for a good story).  Friday night we tried to leave town to visit the Maziurs in Houston...."tried" being the operative word, considering it took us two hours to drop our dogs off at my mom and dad's and get out of town to Seguin.  TWO HOURS.  Really.  Where all these people are coming from eludes me.  Despite the fact that we didn't roll into Houston until 9:30 at night, our babies were surprisingly happy.  Everyone went to bed easily, even though they were in "new" beds for the night.
Saturday morning was spent at the Maziur's neighborhood pool, which gives a waterpark a run for it's money.  It was amazing!  Even more amazing was the fact that we basically had the whole pool to ourselves.  Cale loved the little splash park, and Sissy went down a GIANT twisty slide about forty times.  She has NO fear at all....a fact that has me quaking in my boots as far as high school is concerned.  Cale was helped down the slide (forced) by Shawn....I knew exactly what had happened when I heard the wailing get louder as he came down the slide to where I was waiting in the pool at the bottom.  The first thing he said?  "I am never EVER doing that again."  Later, Pamela asked if he wanted to slide again and he answered with an emphatic "No, thank you."  (At least he was polite)
After lunch at the pool, we had naptime/football watching time and then dinner at home.  We did lots of talking and laughing, and staying up too late.  Our kiddos are officially in love with each other, and got along SO well.  Cale kept referring to Matt as "my brother", which made me feel more than a little sad about shutting down my uterus for business.  Lots of love to the Maziurs for a FUN weekend!!!   To prove how much fun we had, here are some pictures I pilfered off their blog.
Sunday, we actually had enough energy in us to hit the Roberts' pool party in the afternoon.....the babies swam and swam, and we LOVED the company...some of my favorites!  It was actually relaxing, despite the fact that there might have been 45 kids there.  The Roberts set up a giant inflatable thing about thirty feet tall....the kids all had a blast, and even better, it was set up away from the "mommies-having-their-cocktails-area".  I proved once again what a lightweight I was, and how bad my tolerance level is since having babies.  Two drinks in I was laughing at everything and only marginally supervising my children.
The baby is already a little fish in training, and would crawl straight into the drink if you let her.  She is either fearless, clueless, or (most likely) a little bit of both.
The Roberts are always good for a great time.....we were pruney and tired when we left....and would have stayed later if it weren't for a tired baby.  Such a fun weekend!!