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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The baby has only been on this earth for seven months, and already she has a list of aliases a mile long!  Just so I remember these ridiculous names years down the road, I document them here; not that this is a topic that anyone outside of our immediate family will find the least bit entertaining.  
We hardly ever call her "Olivia"....that seems too formal, too stuffy for this little thing that I know so well, and who loves me so much.  That seems like a name fit for people who don't know her, or more appropriately, written on her hospital name badge as an adult when she is a neurosurgeon.  :)  Her first nickname was "Livatino"....branching off Livatino, there is "Teeno" and "Teen".  This gets a little confusing at times, because Hayden also answers to "Teeno" or "Teen"....which came from "Chickatino"which in itself mutated into Sissatino and a variety of other names we won't list here.  Back to the baby....  Getting a little further away from it's original derivation is "Pibblitino" which has also become "Pibblet" and "Pibs".  (My favorite use of this is Sissy running in from the other room hollering at me: "Mommy!  I think Pibs is hungry!  You better nurse her!")  Along the same line as "Pibblitino", we have "Nibbletino" which of course can be shortened to "Nibblet" or "Nibs" in a pinch.  There is also the old favorite "The Baby" or "The Tiny One".  If someone were to listen in on a conversation between my husband and I as we discuss our children, they might very well think we are talking about dogs. (As in: "Did you feed Lish and Skeen?  What about Pibs?") Okay, okay, the names are really silly.....but I love that we use them.  Getting a nickname from Shawn or I is like being branded.  It's about familiarity, and it makes sense that these babies of ours have so many of them!  


Jacqueline said...

love this...we have some odd ones for Ella too. good use of blogging!! :)