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Sunday, January 24, 2010


We went to open gym last week at a little gym near our the past I have taken the babies to J&R in New Braunfels, but it is SO FAR to drive from our house, so we decided to try something new.  This gym didn't have quite as much "fun stuff" as J&R, but they were happy anyway!  One nice thing....there were only about four other kids there with us, so they basically had the run of the joint.  Hayden loves the trampoline the best, and Cale loves to roam.  If I tried to help him with anything, he got upset.....he is in total "by myself" mode.  He wanted to climb up on a big mat and swing on the rope that hangs from the ceiling, which was pretty brave....neither baby is ready to jump into the foam pit (they sort of slither into it!) or swing off the trapeze into the pit (which I'm not sure I would try either!) Sissy is super proud of her leotard, tutu, and ballet slippers, which she has enjoyed wearing on her hands all week in the car.
Mimi and Livi were there, too.....Mimi lifted her up in the air a few times, and we decided that was her "exercise" for the day.

I think we'll definitely do this again...only fifty minutes long, VERY uncrowded, five minutes from our house, and only five bucks!  This is a great alternative to organized classes, which I think would NOT work yet at their age...