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Friday, November 6, 2009

How sweet is this baby?

Really, you've got to admit....we make some pretty decent looking humans! :)  Livi is charming us all with her squealy, smily, happy, three month old chunkiness.  She likes the bumbo, and even sat in it to "help" me make lunch the other day.  (Don't worry, we were standing right next to babies falling off the counter in this house!) My life changed drastically yesterday when I finally went and bought batteries for the baby swing.  This baby LOVES swingin'!  She cooes at her reflection in the little mirror that is positioned above the swing, and loves to watch the little birdies go around in a circle.  Which leaves me to wonder: What the heck is wrong with me that I didn't try this thing sooner??  She is a sleeping fool in that swing....and it allows me to get so much more done!  It is such a vast difference from my first foray at parenting...all the baby items had batteries in them, ready to be used as soon as the twins came home from the hospital.  With our third, she doesn't even get BATTERIES in her swing until three months, and the saddest thing is that the basket on the swing hangs a little caddy whompus because at some point a toddler hung on it, bending it to the side.  No worries for Liv, though!  She loves her crooked swing, and looking at the red berries I have in a vase on the mantel, and squealing all day!  She's the happiest baby in the long as you're focusing all your attention on her!


Jacqueline McGinnis said...

at what point can i use the bumbo??