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Friday, October 9, 2009

Two month checkup

Our little chunker is still growing!!  At her two month checkup, she weighed 12 pounds, 2 ounces...she is in the 90th percentile in weight and the 75th in length.  I still can't believe that a breastfed baby can be that big, but there you have it! She is cooing and smiling so much now, and is so much fun to hold....which is a good thing since she wants to be held all day.  She fusses sometimes like she is in pain, so the doctor recommended I cut out all dairy for awhile to see if that is causing it.  I am really hoping it's not dairy that is causing it, and it's just colic or something because I LOVE milk and drink several glasses a day....I am waiting to see if she seems to feel better!  I am breaking all the rules with this baby, and nursing her whenever she wants....we have NO semblance of a schedule at all!  This is what I said I would NEVER do, but it is so easy to do with one baby.  She is sleeping a pretty good chunk at night, but since she wants to be held all day, that is when I get stuff done, rather than sleep.  She eats at about ten and wakes again at three or four to be fed...when I put her in bed with us, which means I don't get any more sleep past three because I am looking at her/nursing her/making sure the blanket is covering her little hands....UGGHHH!  I have GOT to figure out a least before four months, which is when the doctor said the can form "bad habits".....
As far as the twins go, I am AMAZED at how they are playing pretend.  They seem so much older than two and a half.  I think it is so much more interesting because they are twins and they have someone else to dialogue with....I love listening to them when they don't think I can hear...The other day they were pirates, and I could hear her talking about her pirate ship....yesterday she was playing with her baby doll and we noticed that baby was in "time out".  She was telling it, "You didn't listen to me.  God says you have to obey.  Say you're sorry."  It was hysterical!! This morning they were going in my bedroom and shutting the door, and Cale told me they were playing elevator.  I am so glad they have such great favorite thing to do when I was little was pretend!  The TV in their playroom isn't working right now, which makes it that much better...they have been forced to make their own fun.  Now if "playing pretend" didn't entail carrying a bunch of props out to the living room, I'd be in a much better place as far as keeping this place clean! 
On the potty training front, we aren't making much progress.  Then, to be totally honest, I'm not really trying that hard, other than suggesting randomly that someone might want to try sitting on the potty.  (Which is always answered with an emphatic NO!)  We were hanging out at home one day, with no plans to go anywhere, so we decided to try out wearing big kid undies to see if they could hold it.  Sissy did really well, and was proud to be wearing them, but Bubby ran right around the corner and as far as we can tell, immediately peed his pants.  (and then didn't tell anyone)  Shawn thought she was doing well, so he laid her down for a nap in her underwear...I had to make him go back in there and put a diaper on her....she loves using the privacy of her room to vacate her bowels, and that is NOT a mess I feel like cleaning up...I am pretty sure we are light years away from "underwear sleeping".