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Sunday, October 25, 2009

This baby is turning into a real hoot!  She is the smiliest thing around, and really "talks" to you if you pay her any attention at all.  I mean really, REALLY tries to talk.  Sounds come out and everything.  Sometimes she looks like she is struggling so hard to make it really sound like words, and she looks almost surprised that all she can do is coo at us.  The babies make me laugh more and more each day...tonight when I was putting Hayden to bed, as the door was closing I hear, "Mommy?  I need something."  I asked her, "What do you need baby?" and her response was, "Ummmm, I don't know."  She knew she didn't want me to close the door, but she couldn't come up with anything in time!  We went to put Cale to bed and heard her hollering, "I have to go potty!" which is hilarious since she doesn't (will not) use the potty, even when put on it.  We've fallen for this one a few times, until we realize it is just bedtime stalling.  After we sit fruitlessly on the potty, we are inundated with requests to "wash hands", "get a clean paci", "get a drink of "moka" (milk),....even "get some candy corn".  (She is really stretching!) Her reluctance to go to bed is in direct and equal proportion to my desire to spend more time in mine!  We are still on a pretty weird schedule with baby Livi, who (despite what all the books say) doesn't think it's necessary to sleep all night yet...I know this is because she isn't bottle fed, but I'm not willing to give up the nursing, so we are just going to have to do on less sleep.  I have a BILLION things to do this week to get ready for Halloween...and in the midst of it all, I've started another new project.  If you want to see something really adorable....go check out the felt playhouse made by my imaginary best friend Jill. (We're friends, she just doesn't know it! :)

I would have lovey, lovey, LOVED this when I was little, and I'm hoping mine can turn out just half as cute as hers is!  Our dining room table is HUGE, so I am using a king sheet set as the base, and adding all the cutie extras in felt.  I MADE myself fold this thing up and hold off on it until after Halloween, because I am putting off other things that need to be done in order to work on this.  I can tell you already, this one is going to be a BIG project...but I know the babies will LOVE it! In my ongoing quest to make, not buy this Christmas, I have my eye on these ideas from this cute blog: well as a whole bunch more cute ideas from the big, giant world of blogging crafters.  Can't wait to get started on some new projects! (And hoping I can squeeze some parenting in somewhere, too....)