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Sunday, May 10, 2009

My two too!

I was driving in the car, trying to get the babies to answer "I'm two" when I asked "How old are you?".  They were having none of it...looking out the window, and basically not participating in my little lesson.  (We do things when we want to, not when mommy wants us to).  FINALLY, I got Sissy to say, "I'm two." and out of nowhere, Bub pipes in with "My two too! My two too!"...he didn't want to say it, but when she did, he wasn't going to be left out.  That little scenario gives you just a tiny little taste of how we roll on a day to day basis.  
Friday was their actual birthday, so Daddy took off work and after a yummy breakfast of pancakes with sprinkles, we all headed out to the, daddy, both babies, mimi, popo and grandma and pawpaw.  We did the smart thing and showed up right when the zoo opened...never again will I bake at the zoo in the heat of the day!  It was so nice to walk around in the manageable weather, and lucky for us there seemed to be very few field trips there.  (Cause you know we were taking a chance going on a Friday in May!!)
The babies LOVED the animals, and LOVED being out of their stroller all day.  They ran and ran, and pointed at everything. We loved all their little comments ("More turtle momma!" "Big snake!" "My hold him!" (said by Hayden about the grizzly bear!) 
We finally petered out in the Africa section, mainly because it is pretty shade free (probably to maintain the authenticity) so we sped by the tiny monkeys, and got in line to ride the train. The whole family went out for lunch afterwards, and we were lucky to get a really, really nice nap out of our super tired babies!  
Saturday we had a tiny little family party for the babies at mimi's house.  We wanted to have it here (mostly to save mimi and pope the trouble) but we are still peering out the window at grass that is questionable at best.  It has come back REALLY green in areas, but still looks like an arid desert in others, so we are not exactly party ready yet.  Mimi's on the other hand, is like a tropical oasis compared to ours....they have a GREAT yard!  We had a really relaxed, low key day....grilling burgers with our family, and watching the babies make over all their new presents.  ("Momma!  My ride-a bicycle!"....Cale, SO excited about his new trike!) The babies seem SO big to me....they knew how to open the presents, knew how to blow out their candles (who taught them that??) and looked so proud when we sang Happy Birthday to them....of course we sang it twice!  By the end of the day, they were both red and sweaty and totally worn out.  Bubby was in a shirt and diaper (lost his shorts somewhere in the fray) and was playing with a light saber while wearing cinderella dress up was pretty funny!!!  It was so nice to celebrate their big day with all the people who love them best!