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Friday, May 29, 2009

A few weeks ago, we made a little day trip to Austin/Round Rock....We had to eat at Plucker's (of course) and walk around on the drag for Daddy.  We tried to get pictures in front of the giant Bevo, but the babies were a little terrified of it, and mostly looked at Bevo in fear rather than looking at the camera.  We are hoping that by taking them to Austin their whole lives, they will invariably love UT, choose to go there, and make their momma happy by staying close to home!  The babies enjoyed the baseball game, and watching cousin Nick....Cale was fascinated with the whole experience, and since then has been CRAZY about sports...all he talks about is baseball, basketball, football....he takes his baseballs to bed with him!!  I don't think you could play with a little boy enough to create the natural interest he has in all things sports related...I can see my future now, standing in the backyard being chomped by mosquitos while I get balls thrown at me by the this kid!  He LOVED watching Nick hit, and kept telling us, "Nick hit-a baseball!  Like this...." (and then he imitates a is too cute!)  Now that Nick has been pulled up to St. Louis (yippee!!) he still loves watching him on TV.  It is really funny to watch.  We stayed at the game as long as possible, (until the babies started crawling all over the people in front of us) and then headed home!  It was a really, really fun time!!  
p.s.  I posted the picture of Shawn and Hayden because I LOVE can really tell by looking at her face how much she loves her Daddy!