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Friday, October 31, 2008

The Halloween Buildup

We have been so excited around here with Halloween coming...thinking that holidays are going to start being REALLY fun again now that we have kids to share them with. (In preparation, my husband has already eaten about twelve bags of mini Hershey's with almonds) I admit, I wasn't really on my A game about getting costumes planned out in advance, but I was still looking forward to it. I made a trip to Target the other night at nine thirty for costumes. (which was about as scary as a halloween activity as I'd like to get involved in....if you are in the market to see kids getting verbally abused, apparently they and their parents do their shopping late at night (past bedtime) where there is less scrutiny from the public) The costume aisle looked like Chernobyl......I had to pick up my cart and basically carry it over the eighteen inches of costumes laying underfoot, getting squished by the feet of desperate parents (idiots like me) who waited until 48 hours before Halloween to get their kid a costume. There was ONE cute toddler costume, (a mouse) which I decided to buy for Hayden. It was either that, or she could wear a skanky female pirate costume in a women's size large. I was already cooking up an idea for Cale, so off I went with my costume. We have put the mouse costume on both babies, but Cale is the only one who tolerates it. Last night when we got him in the thing (which is an act in itself....Shawn said that's why the kids are so ticked to be in the thing, because you have to bend them and stretch them to get in it in the first place) he started saying "Hi" to everyone and making (what he thought) were mouse noises. It was pretty hilarious. The dog thought he was one of her own, and wouldn't leave him alone. I am scared we have already worn the fun out of the mouse costume, and when Hayden is expected to wear it tonight, the screaming will start the minute she sees it. So if you see a family of four out tonight (one hysterical mouse, one baby in a semi-appropriate costume, and two parents with a look on their faces as if to say "We thought this was going to be a good idea"....) that's going to be us!