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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Peanut butter fans we are NOT

This week marked a first for us: the addition of peanut butter to our extremely simple palate. I was really excited about this....for one, I had been waiting and waiting to give them peanut butter, for fear their windpipe would squeeze shut. (the literature on this topic is a little scary) I called the doctor to ask if they were old enough, and they said yes, I could have been giving it to them since they were 12 months old! Man! That's a lot of really cheap lunches we have been missing out on!!! I decided to hype up the PB I made it they stared at me and I sang songs about peanut butter, made exaggerated "YUM" noises as I licked it off the knife, did a little dance for peanut get the picture. General excitement buildup in hopes of motivating some reciprocal excitement from them. No such luck for me. Cale obliterated his sandwich immediately, and threw all the pieces on the floor for the dogs. What didn't fly off his hands onto the floor got shaken vigorously while he cried. Hayden pointed at hers, and looked at me as if to say, "Why would you thing I would eat THIS?" and then pointed at the crackers on the table and cried. Oh well. So much for the childhood staple. I guess we'll try again later.