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Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's official!

After a LOT of waiting, I am proud to announce Cale William is a walker! FINALLY! I have no excuse for why there are no pictures of this momentous occasion....I will definitely get some tomorrow. I did write the fact in his baby book, which is hard to remember to do sometimes. Thursday my mom called him to dinner and he walked from the couch to the kitchen to her...we figured food would finally be the motivator that did it, and we were right! On Friday he really walked a bunch...back and forth to me and my mom, and the best part was the look on his face when he did it. Both she and I were about to cry the whole time because he was SO proud of himself, and would start to squeal when he got close to us...holding his little arms out to be "caught". It was so cute! Hayden is excited he is walking....she comes up next to him and tries to grab his hand and drag him along with her..the only problem is that he is still a little wobbly and she RUNS. She tries dragging him along for a minute and then gets tired that he is going too slow and lets go. From what I have heard from other twin moms, now is when it starts to get really difficult....