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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Yeah for me!!!

Today during naptime, I decided to try to use some of the features on my space ship of a sewing machine. Considering this thing is bad as* and I hardly do anything on it besides sew and embroider...(you ask, what else can it do? Well, hold on to your hats!!) This thing has about six hundred decorative stitches. I am not kidding. I have always wanted to use applique in my projects, but didn't really know how. (Even though I knew this machine would do it easily) I googled "How do I applique?" (Don't you love how you can do that??) and followed some easy steps.

I thought this was pretty cute for my first project. It is a strip for a burp cloth...I think I am going to monogram initials in the center of the heart (just because I can!) My little brain is on fire thinking of all the ways I can incorporate applique!

Additionally, I am OBSESSED with Jill. Jill is of and I LOVE all her cutie ideas! I found the blog by randomly clicking away on the blogspot homepage, and now she's my new best friend. Seriously, if I lived in NYC, I would track this girl down and ask her if I could brush her hair. She posts the cutest tutorials, and just posted a list of projects she wants to accomplish. I love ALL of them....especially a tutorial for a cute baby dress, a fabric "basket", a decopage stool....I have NO reason to ever be bored! I now have enough project ideas to last me until the end of time. If you fancy yourself a crafter, check out her blog. I promise, you'll love it too! She is the mini-Martha!
p.s. apologies to anyone who reads this blog solely for baby updates. I am sure this doesn't interest you in the slightest, but hey, this thing is about me, too!! :)
p.s.s. In case you are wondering, I tried "time out" with Hayden this morning. It consisted of me holding her firmly away from the fun, in my lap, while her octopus limbs flailed this way and that and smacked all over me. She was mad, but I think she got the point because she played "nicer" afterwards. Yippee!


dee said...

That is super cute! Good job. The link did not work for me and you know I've got to check out Jill's stuff. I have some work for you too...3 pieces I would like initials on.

Getting about time for another girls' dinner....

Jill said...

You are funny - thanks so much for the link.

And what kind of sewing machine do you have? I think mine only has like 4 decorative stitches (how embarassing!).