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Thursday, May 1, 2008

We are pushers!

Daddy decided the babies needed a "push behind" toy to get them over the hump on learning to walk....Kind of like our version of baby gym I guess. I am not so keen on the idea of them walking in the next few days...I think I have a little bit of time left before things get a LOT harder! They are already so hard to contain....their little corral isn't working so well anymore. They know they are trapped and they want out, so much crying ensues. Plus, they are like the two sneakiest babies around, and they figure out the funniest ways to escape. When I catch them, he is always the one prying the gate open and holding it for her to get out first. (At least he's a sneaky gentleman) Today I turned around for about forty seconds, and they had both managed to escape. I heard the dog bowls clinking on the tile, and found him smacking the water bowl. Before I could get to him, he dumped the whole thing out (and for once it was full). Hayden was nowhere to be found....finally I heard giggling in my bathroom, and she was heading into the closet. (which they LOVE for some reason) When I picked her up to take her back out to the living room, she bowed her back and kicked her legs...She was SO mad that I had thwarted her plan! So anyway, they are enjoying the push car for the time being, even if they only want to push it when it is THEIR idea, not ours. We are hanging on to what I believe to be the last couple of weeks of crawling....