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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day fun....

My friend Kim had a memorial day cookout at her beautiful house yesterday....I didn't know we would be swimming, so I brought my kids and husband completely unprepared. Luckily, Kim wrangled a swimsuit from her husband, and found a 6-12 month swimsuit for Hayden. Cale just wore a swim diaper like a little trashy baby. :) I was just fine sitting in the shade enjoying a beverage. :) Kim had a great idea to fill a little inflatable boat with water and put the babies in it like a little baby pool. It worked so great! They played with pool toys and watched all the big kids in the pool...for a while. Then they started to get brave and think about getting OUT of the little boat. Daddy took turns taking them in the big pool to swim and play with the waterfalls, while I was left to chase after the other soaking wet baby who was no longer happy sitting in the inflatable boat. Cale decided he could climb out of the boat on his own, and started crawling around on the rock patio (had to hurt, but he didn't care). He tried to eat bark and a whole grape, but luckily mommy was watching. I tried to hold him (as he soaked my clothes through) but he was NOT having it. He was thrashing all over the place trying to get down. I don't know where he thought he was going, but he thought he was going somewhere!

It was such a nice day...not too hot. Kim had planned some fun water balloon games for the kids, and everyone had cake and ice pops. (even mine) We had to leave earlier than everyone else, because my kids decided it was time. Big, big thank yous to Kim and Doug for planning such a nice Memorial Day for us all!