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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Last Saturday was Shawn's mom's mom, Shawn and I, and the babies made the drive to Devine to be was such a nice time! The weather was beautiful for an outdoor wedding, the food was yummy, Hayden LOVED the live band and "danced" in our laps the whole time they were playing. We had so much fun visiting with Shawn's family, and the ceremony itself was so sweet. His mom and Eddie are so obviously in love, and their vows were so heartfelt and touching. You can just tell they are so excited to be together. I was their "photographer"...I use the term loosely, because I in no way, shape or form have the skill to be bestowed such a responsibility. Luckily, my camera is just nice enough to make up for my lack of skill, and we ended up with more than a few really nice pictures. (I took over 400 just to be sure!) I could have posted about ten pictures of Hayden being held by various family members and screaming in their faces. Hopefully she didn't hurt anyone's feelings....she is just SO sensitive!
We are honored to have been a part of their wedding....lots of love and best wishes to Mary and Eddie!! We hope you are always as happy as you were Saturday!