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Friday, April 25, 2008

We were lucky to have Daddy off and at home for the second Friday in a row! His office didn't work today because of Battle of Flowers, so he got to spend lots of time with the babies....we took them to the gym for playnastics this morning, and stayed an hour. That is just about as long as you can chase two babies around a building before needing to go home and take a nap. (which I did) They loved the "push" toys at the gym....Shawn wants to go get one for them tomorrow, because it is looking like they are right on the verge of wanting to walk. (which is what I said about crawling, and they "looked like they were going to crawl" for two months before any action actually took place!) Hayden loved to stand up behind the push toy, and even walked a little. Cale pushed it all over the place, but wouldn't stand up. He just used his knees to scoot around while holding the handle. Today when we got home, Hayden pulled up on me, and then let go, standing on her own for FOREVER before realizing I wasn't helping her, and plopping down onto her hiney. When we hold her hands and walk with her, she can let go and use only one hand, so I am pretty sure she'll walk before he will. Seeing as he is a full two pounds "huskier" than her, it might take him a little longer. With walking right around the corner, I realize we need to seriously review some of our home decor. I know the candle garden filled with tiny stones has got to go, as well as the basket full of magazines. Unless I want rocks stuffed up nostrils or sixty billion pieces of shredded paper on the floor, I need to start taking baby proofing to the next level. It is funny to me that they can't walk yet, but they are already starting to climb. Especially Hayden....she gets up on her knees on our medicine ball, on the diaper basket, on pillows....she is going to be a monkey like my brother was. He could climb ANYTHING when he was tiny....I already catch her doing things that take my breath away. She is going to be a sneaky one to keep an eye on....Cale's new trick made us laugh today. We ask him "Are you a cowboy?" and he does his own little attempt at "YEEEE-HAAAAW!" Mommy models it for him every time, and it makes him laugh....he does a little squeal that is pretty close. It cracks me up because when you ask him to do it, you can totally tell on his face that he knows what you are talking about. Although I LOVE this phase, and I am excited about the new things they are learning, I had a little baby panic attack at the idea that this is all going by too fast. I want it to slow down a little so that they don't speed through their babyhood. That is one reason I can't imagine being done with having kids yet...I would be really sad at the idea of only getting one babyhood (even though there is two of them) and then it would be over. Plus, as my husband pointed out, we don't want all of our kids to go off and leave us alone the same year. We want to ease into our empty nest....yes, we actually talk about stuff like that!! I know for sure we are not done yet. Now we have to start talking about how soon we want to go down that road again....I am enjoying them so much that I really want to be able to give them all my attention while they are babies. They already get a little bit of the shaft since they are twins, so I don't want to take away any more of their least not yet!