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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We are in the middle of some BIG decisions right now....mainly because we made some bad choices in the past. For those of you that don't know, we own two houses. Seeing as we aren't celebrities or tycoons, this leaves us in a less than desirable position. We put the Alamo Heights house (I say that husband keeps reminding me that the house is NOT in AH school district, which is the only thing that matters....I say it anyway. It sounds better than "Off Harry Wurzbach, behind Diane's Rainbow Glass and down the street from the Ebbtibe Lounge.) on the market two weeks ago....and we have encountered what we expected. Tons of traffic, based on the fact that the house has great curb appeal and is in a good area....but all the comments are the same. Some idiot who owned our house two or three owners ago added on an addition that looks like it was done by monkeys. It is horrible, and needs to be fixed or torn off the house...Everyone who sees the house hates that back room, and doesn't make an offer because of it. Now, we have to put our Schertz house on the market (which is perfect, brand new, and has nothing wrong with it....not to mention it is thirty seconds from my parents' house) and move back into the other house. I really, really, really hope this house sells fast...I am getting tired of worrying about it! There are a lot of good things about living back over there...Shawn will have NO commute at all, he can come home for lunch and see the babies every day.....that house is bigger.....we will get to renovate, which I always said I wanted to do....I am going to focus on the good and not worry about everything else. If you have some time, say a prayer that Shawn and I have discernment and that SOMETHING happens that allows us to rid ourselves of one or both houses.


LaDeeda Photography said...

Hey Nicole. It was great seeing you guys! Thanks so much for coming to Caden's party. I'm praying that you sell fast. I know everything will work out just as it is supposed too. See you guys on the 10th (we will be a little late if that is ok...grad ends at noon and we will come straight over.) I like your thinking of focusing on the positive!